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Now they want me to take $35 US instead of allowing me to return their products that don't work.They even stated in their email that the 3 products may have been damaged during delivery....Then why should I only except 1/4 of what I paid.

Just stay away from this company, I replied to them before Thanksgiving stating I wanted my full amount credited to my card & I would be happy to return their merchandise, but as of today no response....

Again do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this company, their not American based and your only asking for problems.

Review about: Ps3 Controller And Sony Ps3 Remote.

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YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! I originally wrote a complaint on Monday, 11/1.

I've heard back from their so called customer svc. They now want me to send them a video to prove the PS3 controllers & Sony PS3 remote don't work. Unbelievable....and still no refund.

Whatever you do, stay far, far away from doing any business with this company... Again as I stated in my last complaint, I should have done more homework and realized that the company is out of Hong Kong as email response takes days due to translations.

So please don't be fooled by the company's enticing web page and offer for free shipping as the 5-10 day delivery is actual 21days or more.

Say no to!!!!!!

Review about: Ps3 Controller And Sony Ps3 Remote.

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Don't purchase anything from this site. It's awful!

I purchased 2 PS3 controllers & PS3 remote. Delivery came from Singapore the box was beat up.

Delivery promised w/in 10 days took 3 weeks. Tried to contact their "live chat" which doesn't exist no way to speak w/ anyone all done via email.

Products were cheaply made & didn't work. Contacted company they apologized & no refund as I failed to notify them w/in 7 days. They don't want to recognize delivery took 3 weeks instead of 10 days hence the reason I couldn't response as the products were still in transit. I have filed a consumer complaint. Also I did some research on line & didn't read any negative reviews. This is the reason for me to spread the word about this company.

Terrible customer service not worth the frustration. Beware that these companies are out there to fake out the consumer & don't waste your money.

Review about: Ps3 Controller And Sony Ps3 Remote.



I am currently waiting on a delivery labeled "suspected fraud". We shall see.

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